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Sorry NFCU

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Re: Sorry NFCU

I go on long road trips back home twice a year (26 hours-one way and cheaper than flying). Sometime we don't get signal during parts of our travel when the kiddos are watching netflix. So I see the touring as a benefit for me.  I had 2 Acura'a (CL & TSX) and 1 Accord (EX) and so far Honda's have been reliable for me.

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Re: Sorry NFCU

I really love NFCU, but I ended up using Honda since their rate was .9 and NFCU was 1.49. I got a Pilot Touring mainly for the DVD and roof rails. It also has the 3 view rear view camera which was nice because one view looks down for hooking up trailer. The paid $500 under invoice and I know the dealer still made $800 at least due to manufacturer to dealer incentives plus their holdback. I really like it even though I downsized from a Suburban.

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