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Thank you!!

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Thank you!!

Happy to report that thanks to this forum and this website I was able to rebuild my credit and get the car I had been wanting.


9 months ago, I was coming off a major lawsuit in which I was the defendant, that had drained my funds and left me with many late payments, over 100% credit utilization (cards were over their limits) closed credit card accounts with balances and credit scores between 575-599. 


The lawsuit had forced an emergency injunction on me which caused me to stop conducting my business and thus unable to make money. Thankfully, I was able to settle the lawsuit and begin working again (and thus making money). Even after I began making a good living again, my credit was in very bad shape and very limiting. I wasn't sure what to do but luckily I found this website and this forum. 


Fast forward to today, my credit scores are 705/700/709 and i have 0% credit card utilization (all cards paid in full every month). Last week, I purchased a Mercedes AMG GTS, which I was approved for within less than 30 minutes of filling out the credit app. 


I do not contribute here much but wanted to say "thank you" for the wealth of information and resources this website and forum offers that has helped me so much.




Re: Thank you!!

Fantastic news, and congrats on the improvements....nice WhipSmiley Wink

Starting score 6/19 TR 567 Ex 589 EQ 540
7/19 TR 620 EX 595 EQ 577
8/19 TR 643 EQ 614 EX 612
Goal: 680 by 12/19
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Re: Thank you!!

Congrats on the new wheels and great job with the rebuild!

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