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Bk 7 Yays and nays

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Bk 7 Yays and nays

Bk discharged 8/2017 scores 600-630

Navy federal secured- approved- pulled Transunion- (500)

Navy federal cloc- approved- pulled Equifax- (500) all I asked for

Usaa - denied unsecured counter offer secured (might take it to establish a relationship.) since they already pulled my Equifax report. I did not llb

Baxter credit union- pulled Transunion-denied unsecured but offered secured. Denied due to no payment history. Said to make payments on time for 3-6 month to qualify for unsecured products. Was not denied for bk or score. Have to have a rebuild 3-6 months for approvals.

PayPal credit- pulled Equifax- approved 1500

Kohl’s -approved 300

Wayfair- approved 1000

Target - denied 20 days from dc

Avant - approved but didn’t take offer 6500

Lending club- approved but didn’t take offer 7500

Amazon store card- denied

Merrick double your line- approved but did not take offer. (Too many fees)

Going to take care of these cards and continue to check discover and capital one monthly for offers. Other than that no more applications from me until 6-12 months.
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Re: Bk 7 Yays and nays

Did I read this correct? 12 HP's? And you backed out after being approved?

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Re: Bk 7 Yays and nays

FireMedic1. the 2 loans and merrick credit card were not a hard inquiry. And the usaa was a hard inquiry but I just decided I’m going to go through with that one since they already pulled my credit.
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