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Ex-Wife co-account owner

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Ex-Wife co-account owner

Hello everyone and thank you in advance


So I just got done with the 341 hearing. No issues and I assume from the attorney's instrucitons that if no creditor has any issues, all debts ar discharged in 60 days. 


Here is my question. My ex-wife (who is currently residing in another country since 2019 and might come back in the Summer of 2021) was a full account owner on one of the credit cards. She was an AU on all the other cards and I thought she was also an AU on this card as well, but she is not. She is a full owner. What will happen when this particular CC debt is discharged? Are they for sure going after her?

I am on good terms with my ex and I told her that she if they do go after her, I advised her to either file for Ch.7 as I did or repay the debt at a negotiated price\rate with the current owner of the debt (I assume it's no longer the bank). And since some of the debt there was mine, I will help her repay it. I know I don't have to, but that's something I am willing to do. I am just trying to understand if they are going after her and how to find out if they are? What steps would you recommend I take at this point?


Thank you!

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Re: Ex-Wife co-account owner

Yes, it is possible they could go after her since she's an actual account owner.  Personally, I might consider calling the bank and letting them know she's out of the in another country. This might deter them from attempting to collect since you filed BK and I don't see them going after someone in a different country. Again, as with all things credit and debt related, YMMV.


Best of luck!

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