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Help repeat filer remark

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Help repeat filer remark

Filed chapter 7 on 6/17/20 and this showed up on pacer I filed a chapter 13 2015 cant remember for the life of me but something happened and my attorney told me to let it get dismiss and refile which I did . Long story short wife got very sick had a autistic son left my job to take care of her and him. Unable to make payments so it was dismissed. She has since passed not long after. So does this mean I cant do a chapter 7? I am a nervous wreck. My attorney is off on Fridays and on vacation next week. Paralegal hasn't a clue. Can anyone please let me know what will happen?

Repeat Filer(s): Previous case number(s) for Jeff GAMB case X filed on 04/29/2016, Dismissed, Terminated on 11/23/2018; GAMB case Y filed on 05/05/2015, Dismissed, Terminated on 04/19/2016; FLNB case Z filed on 02/02/2012, Discharged, Terminated on 05/17/2012. (ADIapps) (Entered: 06/18/2020)

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Re: Help repeat filer remark


I hope this helps. From what I've read and understand, the "time between" filing guidelines are much longer after a DISCHARGED BK vs a DISMISSED BK.


I've read over your post and based on what I've found in the link above, you SHOULD be just fine. Also, keep in mind, I would venture to guess a BK attorney would look over your previous filings BEFORE filing another CH7 petition...meaning your attorney likely would NOT file if he/she knew you wouldn't qualify based on timeframe from discharge/dismissal of previous BK(s).


I'm not an attorney, but without being one, I'm trying to give you the confidence going through the weekned until you can speak to your attorney on Monday. Don't sweat it either way, but you SHOULD be good to go.


Have a GREAT weekend. Best of luck in the future!

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