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NMAC pay to retain?

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NMAC pay to retain?

Hello all,


I have been lurking around this board as I am getting ready to file Ch7 in the next 30 days. I searched the boards but have not found any thing on this particular topic.  I have an auto loan through NMAC for a car that I have about $4k negative equity for a 2011 Pathfinder with 115k miles, so I am not reaffirming.  Has anyone tried a pay to retain with NMAC? Or should i expect that I wil have to return the vehicle upon discharge?


Thanks for any input!

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Re: NMAC pay to retain?

If you are current on your payments, there is no reason to believe they will want to reposess after you file, particularly since you are so upside down.


I would NOT reaffirm the debt, just continue to pay and I don't think you should expect any issues.




PS: I purchased my 2007 Xterra in 2008 (3rd year into our 5 year Chapt 13 case). She's still going strong at 130K. The most reliable vehicle i have EVER owned. Smiley Happy

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Re: NMAC pay to retain?


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