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Chase Authorized user question

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Chase Authorized user question


I work for a friend who has 34 apartment units rentals.

About three weeks ago he gave me a Chase premier plus business card to use for when I purchase supplies for work.

my name is on the card. I thought about being an authorized user could help me in my credit rebuild. I asked him if he gave them my birthdate and address and he wasn't sure if they asked.

my question is since my name is on this card  would I most certainly qualify as an authorized user being reported to the credit bureaus?

also since my name is on the card would I have the authority to call them to make sure they have my birthdate and address on file for reporting?

thanks for reading,


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Re: Chase Authorized user question

JP Morgan Chase does not report business credit cards to the 3 major personal credit bureaus, even for the primary cardholder, unless the account becomes delinquent.  As you have no responsibility for the account, it is unlikely they need any further information about you, and other than for instance replacing a lost or stolen card there isn't much about the account they would discuss with you over the phone.

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