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Data Points, Quill

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Data Points, Quill

I've got a new LLC, formed April 2018.
Started a D&B file last month.
Capital 1 spark classic, 500 limit.
Personal scores mid 600's.

Ordered 70 bucks worth of stuff from quill, checked the "bill me" box. Order arrived today, looked at account, saw the invoice.

So I called their credit dept to find out if I was on net 30 terms, was advised the system released the order because it was under $100, but she asked if I wanted her to see if I could be put on net 30 terms. I said sure, why not.

After a brief hold, she comes back on the line and says she found my company on D&B, but the info was limited so I would have a low SL, only $200. She advised me that the SL will grow as I pay on time.

Anyways, it's a start. I figured you guys would find the info useful if you happened to place a small order and assumed it meant you were on net 30 terms just bc it ships.
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Re: Data Points, Quill

It is useful... Thanks for sharing and Happy New Year.

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Re: Data Points, Quill

Thanks for sharing the information!

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EX- 519, TU- 530, EQ- 545

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Re: Data Points, Quill

PLEASE be advised. Spoke to credit department, and Quill ONLY reports the 1st Monday of every month. The invoice has to be opened on this day if not, it will NOT get reported on your D&B. I placed order today and it will get reported because Monday the 8th will be the first Monday of the month. I placed an order on the 21st of December and paid it after it got shipped. It didn't report. Thanks to do this post in found this out and I am now set up with a net 30 for only $100 limit. Hope this helps some of you understand how they work.
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