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Advice on 2nd card: amex, chase, citi etc,

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Advice on 2nd card: amex, chase, citi etc,

HI ,  Still new to good credit.


Seeking some advice as I'd like to get a 2nd card , not too concered with low credit  limit with any of these. 


What would be a good path? This will be my second card, but with about 2 years of credit history with my discover. Currently down to last credit card payments this next month with upcoming raise ahead. I have Discover secured converted to unsecured, love it, but 1% cash back and 2% on gas.  I think the credit history is fine now, FICO score is 770.


Previously had medical debt, but stayed in 700s for 11 months now. Applied to AMEX last year, Denied (year and a half ago) for due to  high utilization and a medical debt years before that, the 30% utilization lasted a month. Goal is Groceries, Gas and online purchases, travel, but not traveling for a year or two. 


Interested in: 

Chase-risk is no pre approval, considering a banking relationship to increase chances, but theres the $5 monthly fee. I like what I read about chase, I like most of the rotating categories.  I need a visa/mastercard.


AMEX-Most interested in Blue cash preferred and can likely call when the annual fee kicks in. 6% cashback sounds good on groceries. Was not approved last year, likely from medical deliquency and one high utilization I had for a month.  Would be a great fit though.


Capital One-Less interested,  but I imagine I have a better shot for a second card here since I used them for a car loan, 

Citi-The cashback on a particular category sounds good, but havent heard good things, yes, I know people post when they get burned.  Wells Fargo is also on the lower end of cards Im considering, was offered pre approval for triple A, but I dont like the issuer. 


Any insight into the 2nd card or sequence? I would like and thought Chase, then AMEX. However, Cap 1 might be more practical.


Thanks so much.



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Re: Advice on 2nd card: amex, chase, citi etc,

Even though AMEX declined you before, the Blue Cash is a great card for your need.  Use this Pre-Approval tool to see if you're now eligible


I'm not well versed enough on your past to say if Chase will let you in at this time.  To your point, Yes...Capital One would be a good route and they too have a preapproval tool.  The CL may not be high...but potentially a start.  


There are a few threads here with links to preapproval tools though they haven't necessarily been maintained.  You can try them:


You may be better served using Google or direclty on the banks you're interested in to see if they have a tool.  Of the banks you mentioned, I believe they all have an active link


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Re: Advice on 2nd card: amex, chase, citi etc,

I'd definitely go with preapproval.  Amex is a good card, they're good with cli too. Once you get an approval, going for another card is less painful, you've already paid for the less than 12 months youngest account penalty. If you get the amex, might risk the Chase freedom immediately.

Myself, I go for the subs. I recently got $500 for opening a us b checking, and another $500 for their altitude connect card. The card makes the checking free. They just approved me for their shoppers visa ( has some 6%) with a $250 sub. Not sure if I'll really like the connect card, may pc it, but I like $500 fine. 

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Re: Advice on 2nd card: amex, chase, citi etc,

Chase can be picky... or wait until 2am then just say screw it and have all 3 applications open and press apply all at the same time. lol I did this before my BK and got massive limits.  

American Express Gold Business - NPSL
American Express Green - NPSL
Ally credit card - 4700.00
Capital One Spark - 2500.00
Capital One Platinum - 7000.00
Credit One 5x - 1600.00
Credit One platinum - 1000.00
Credit One Amex - 2600.00
US Bank Secured - 300.00
NCFU Nrewards secured - 200.00
Prosper card - 2000.00
Upgrade Card - NPSL
One Main Financial - 600.00
USAA Rewards Visa 500.00
EX - 762
EQ - 744
TU - 736

Hard inquiries - 8
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Re: Advice on 2nd card: amex, chase, citi etc,

Thank you for the kind words,  on my current path, I think its a matter of time before AMEX lets me in, the Blue Cash Preferred sounds great. I can't seem to track down a delinquency but they pulled from Experian. It might be worht a reconsideration phone call.  6% cash back on groceries was made for me, along with the need of  a visa/mastercard branded card sometime. 


Chase seems awfully mysterious for a situation like mine, a younger profile but recently fine over the last couple of years. All based on reading threads everywhere.

One idea I read was going with a Chase Amazon Prime: that's one pre-approval available through Chase, which may provide insight into their other cards. In addition, Chase sent me a mailer for  Chase Saphire Preferred. That's competely out of income/not into the AF and very odd to get targeted for that. 

Opening up a bank account to get a better chance of approval would feel a bit odd, but possible- they are known to shut down accounts and I truly dont need 2 bank accounts.


I should consider my WF, since I already bank with them. 




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Re: Advice on 2nd card: amex, chase, citi etc,

Thanks- I think AMEX Blue preferred is the goal the more I think about it, but it might take another card with more history to get there. I'm not really sure. When you say, "might risk the Chase Freedom immediately" do you mean apply for both immediately ? Or wait between?


I wish Citi had a better reputation among those I've read-plenty of people have been fine, but theres so many strange stories.


I need to dig into the SUB info more, I read quite a bit but have been more stuck on who would approve me in my current credit age. I have a feeling US Bank is a bit of a ways out, they're a bit picky, but more to learn. 

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Re: Advice on 2nd card: amex, chase, citi etc,

Thanks, It doesnt sound bad to just go for it and see who will take me.

Chase is certainly hard to figure out in a situation like mine, but I had commented earlier than the Chase Amazon Prime actually has a pre-approval tool and might provide some insight. Other products of theirs do not.

Hopefully I can get in Amex, too.


You've gone for some very different cards than Ive considered, but you also found cards that worked for you. 

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Re: Advice on 2nd card: amex, chase, citi etc,

My thinking is, do pre with amex. If it looks good and you go ahead, immediately take a shot with chase, if that's the next card you want. If you get both, you will age them at the same time. In 12 months, you'll get a score increase when both of your youngest accounts passes 12 months.

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