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Amex 3X CLI 7-10 day

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Amex 3X CLI 7-10 day

Hey guys. This is my first time asking for a CLI increase from AMEX. My starting limit is 2000 and I asked for 6000 total. I hit submit, then it started to load for a bit, then BAM! 7-10 day notice Smiley Frustrated


Does this usually mean a decline? I waited over 91 days, and I waited for my FICO score to update on their end.


Any help is appreciated!

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Re: Amex 3X CLI 7-10 day

Unfortunately that is most always a denialSmiley Sad
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Re: Amex 3X CLI 7-10 day

As @Jnbmom mentioned above OP, the CLI was not approved, unfortunately.
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Re: Amex 3X CLI 7-10 day

So sorry OP

What are your FICO scores?

What are your aggregate and individual card UT?

What’s your AAOA?
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Re: Amex 3X CLI 7-10 day

Sorry if it is a denial Op. In addition to giving more info that we can use to gauge what may have contributed towards the decline, look for the denial letter and see if the reasoning on there are things that you can fix so that you'll be in better position the next time around.

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