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Best Buy Visa Luv Button

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Best Buy Visa Luv Button

In an effort to lower my util I want to smash the luv button to see what happens.

The thing is, I don't know what a reasonable amount is to ask for.

I'm at 689-715 depending on where I look, 0 derogs, 2inq under 6 mo., 8 within the last 2yrs, 3 new accounts in under 6 mo, 2 of those are new credit cards, current balance of $2067/5000. I'd be nice to get that util number down to 20%, I just don't know if that's a reasonable request.

The other accounts I've done this with have been offers by them instead of asking how much I want, but Chase went 7000->13900, and my other Citi card went 6800->10800.


Thoughts?  Anyone with experience on getting luv on their Citi Best Buy Visa?

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Re: Best Buy Visa Luv Button

Your luv will cost you a hpSmiley Wink. If you are going to ask dont undershoot. Asking for 10k is very reasonable  with your limit and usage. But heck  if you think you need more maybe ask for 12 to 15k if needed. They should counter if they can approve. 

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