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CLI Denial From Cap One on QS Card

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CLI Denial From Cap One on QS Card

Used the tool on the app to request a $1.5K CLI on a product changed QS that was formerly a VO Visa. I tend to ask for CLI’s every 182 days. 


I entered my income data and home payment as requested. The lack of immediate response let me know I wasn’t going to get good news. 


In the denial letter they gave the standard responses to the denial. Namely, lack of use compared to credit line size.


However they also said that a Credit Limit Increase on my account is “not available upon request”. Average payment of balance not large enough (current balance is at 0). I also wondered if this was due to the product change I made last year.


I called customer service to ask some questions, such as: or 

  1. Is there an upper limit for QS cards, and if so should I change back to the VO?
  2. Is there any specific reason I am prohibited from asking for a CLI

Customer service explained that there was no specific reason I couldn’t ask for a CLI other than the standard lack of spend and current credit obligations on my report. 


I had spent around 2k on the card in the prior three months, and $7k in the prior year before the request. I am aware that this still was only a part of the total $11,000 worth of credit line I already had. 


I know CO is very stingy on CLI’s. Any advice on spending targets from anyone would be appreciated. Is it worth the hassle when there are so many other cards out there? 


Data Points time of CLI Request


TU9/TU9 Bankcard: 733/698 according to myFico

Baddies: Bankruptcy Ch7 August 2012 (falls off this year), no collections

Payment history: perfect for nearly 10 years on all accounts. 

Total Available CL Reporting: $43.5K

CC Utilization: ~5.85%

DTI: 17%

AAoA: 8 years 2 Months

AoYA: 8 months

Date of first Approval for Card:  March 2018

Original Approval Amount: $2500

Prior CLI’s: February 2021 - $1.5K, August 2021 - $500

Home Payment/Mortgage: $750/Mo

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Re: CLI Denial From Cap One on QS Card

I'm in the opposite boat - a VO that I combined a QS into. I've loaded spend, and let it sit dormant. I haven't had a CLI in almost 3 years. I pay an annual subscription to a streaming service and it sits dormant otherwise. They can close it when ready. 

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Re: CLI Denial From Cap One on QS Card

You would probably need to spend 5k a month for a few months to get a CLI, and that's if they're going to give you one at all.  If you've got 11k on this, how big is the line on your Venture?  Personally, I wouldn't worry about spending here just to get a CLI, I would put that spend where it's going to do me the most good.  I might put something small on this account so it doesn't get closed but I'd be done worrying about it.  If you really think you need a bigger SL than 11k, look at a second Navy card.

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