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Cap 1 CLI denied

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Re: Cap 1 CLI denied

@FenderGuy wrote:

@xLeGeNDx wrote:.
I'm just gonna hang tight untill I can roll my QS1 into my QS, but if the feature isnt back before my 12 month mark on the QS1, maybe i'll get lucky with it too.


So I have to ask your hoping to PC your QS1 to a QS? If that’s the case, it won’t happen. I PC from Plat to QS1 to Venture1….Same bucket terms when I applied for 4 and half years ago. Im stuck at $4500 CLI…I honestly don’t know why any would want to have a AF card with Cap1…points are not that much different from the QS1 OR Venture 1.


When I meant roll the QS1 into the QS I meant that as in account combination for whenever Cap1 brings it back.


@HeavenOhio wrote:

Capital One will won't grant a CLI until six months have passed since the last one. Don't bother asking until the six months have passed. If it's been more than six months since your last CLI, ask as often as you'd like as there'll be no penalty for denials. Once a month is probably reasonable.


@xLeGeNDx, definitely persue an upgrade on your QS1, keeping in mind that QS1 upgrades are difficult and that you shouldn't allow yourself to get frustrated. Data points here indicate that consecutive months of usage may be a key to generating an offer. Use the card each month, and request an upgrade each month. You can pay right away if you'd like as it's not necessary for a positive balance to cut on your statement. I was able to upgrade two QS1 cards after 12 or 13 consecutive months of usage.


If you're offered an upgrade, don't be picky. Take what you can get as long as there's no annual fee. Once you've converted to a no-fee card, other product change offers will likely start to appear after six or more months have passed.

If I remember correctly I got my offer on my Plat right around the 12 month mark, I check the upgrade link at least once a week on any offers for the QS1.

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