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Capital One CLI Denied

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Capital One CLI Denied

I got a Cap1 back in April. It is a credit steps card. I reached 3 months and requested a CLI. Next day received a letter requesting income verification. I sent in the documents immediately. Well, this morning, 2 weeks later I receive another letter stating that it is denied. Reason for denial “income cannot be verified”.

I provided a copy of my 2018 W2 to them, have called every few days since submission to make sure they received, but the CSR’s have no info regarding CLI’s. They claim I cannot speak to anyone in the CLI department either. I have not called since receiving denial this morning.

Anyone have this issue before? Should I attempt to call and recon, or is recon even available through Cap1?
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Re: Capital One CLI Denied

There is no recon with Cap1 me Ive tried and so have many others on this board. CLI increases take at least 6 months with CAP1 or longer depending on CLI usuage. You may experience a lot of annoyance with them, and they deny on really dumb reasons at times. But im finding outs its about credit use and multiple payments within the month, just got approved for a $2k CLI. Ill be trying again in 6 months for another CLI

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Re: Capital One CLI Denied

Now that 3 months have passed you could call in for an upgrade.  Idk which card you have but I had the Plat and upgraded to QS.  Then at month 4 I requested a cli and got $100, lol. 

 EDIT TO ADD:  with DH, his was also a QS1 and he was upgraded to Venture...right after cs

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