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Care Credit Denied

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Care Credit Denied

635... denied

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Re: Care Credit Denied

@Francisvance93 wrote:
635... denied

I would recon, I was approved in January for 500, called back and they moved it to 600. After 2 months of on time payments it got moved to 2400. At the time of application my score was low 600s. Have you opened several lines lately? I will say that my Care Credit card was the first I opened in almost 4 years, but at the time I was at around 70% utilization and several late payments from a year prior.

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Re: Care Credit Denied

Sorry about that! Definitely try recon before throwing in the towel

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Re: Care Credit Denied

What was the denial reason they gave you? I would call and recon that as well.

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Re: Care Credit Denied

What does recon mean? I was denied care credit a few months ago. I have a Wal-mart credit card, and was also denied a cli today($0 balance, on time payments, still only $200 limit). I recently opened a credit card in Dec. making it my 4th credit card. I was just approved for an auto refinance today with Wells Fargo (my second auto loan with WF). I am having cosmetic surgery in Sept and I am so afraid to try for care credit again! I can get a loan thru a private lender but I know the interest rate will be high. I just wish I could get Care Credit to give me an approval! 

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Re: Care Credit Denied

The term "recon" stands for reconsideration, which usually involves contacting the lender after a declined outcome to determine whether or not the application can be overturned for approval.

However, SYNCB doesn't reconsider system-declined applications, including Care Credit. There are some exceptions, those typically involving verification.
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Re: Care Credit Denied

So if they don't reconsider denials, then why are people suggesting to contact them to try?


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Re: Care Credit Denied

I'd recommend using the denial to get a free copy of your TU report and then review and address any issues you can.   Definitely look through the Rebuilding forum, if you haven't already.

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