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Chase Denied and Closed

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Re: Chase Denied and Closed

I actually asked during the call, she told me straight up that I was not blacklisted and if the close down issues get resolved, I can "absolutely" reapp later. So I'm guessing 6mo-1yr I can get back in with Chase. Might wait until next year, I do want a regular freedom as a 5% companion for my discover. The CFU actually impacts me the least of all my cards, I thought about SDing it until I could PC it, since my PPCBMC gets 2% everywhere, so a 1.5% isn't very used, except shop through Chase. Imma miss that... Using it for lowes/home depot/walmart earned an additional 2% making it a 3.5% card.
$1,000 is a lot to owe, yet little to have.
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Re: Chase Denied and Closed

Since the OP has provided an update on the outcome and the topic has already been well-covered, this thread is now locked and closed to new messages.

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