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Chase Disney Visa

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Chase Disney Visa

Hey y'all!


When I was younger, I was extremely young and dumb with credit cards and ended up getting a old Marriott Rewards CC charged off to the tune of $5.5K. The DOFD will be seven years ago as of May this year, and it'll fall off my credit reports. For the past several years, I've gotten serious about rebuilding my credit and as of 2/1 my FICO scores are 678 with Experian, 643 with Equifax, and 690 with TransUnion. I've been paying down balances a lot, and been really selective with apps and CLI requests, so I would estimate that my scores will be in the low to mid 700s in May, and I will be at 2/24 as well.


I am a huge Disney fan, and spend an estimated $7-10K on an annual basis across the parks, merch, etc. I know that Chase has a long internal memory for being burned, and I mainly wanted to ask if I apply in June and I get denied for any reason other than "past derogatory relationship", do you think I have a shot at asking for recon with an analyst? I have a Platinum SkyMiles card with AmEx, and a Cash Rewards card with NFCU so I have cards for better rewards on other spend, but I really want the Premier Disney Visa card for the 100 Years of Wonder design, and also use that card to generate the Disney Rewards dollars on my annual Disney spend to recycle back into the mouse.

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Re: Chase Disney Visa

If the card that was burn/charge-off was with Chase ... there will be an internal database on their side. So if you burn Chase for $5k they will see it in their system even though it may not show up on your credit report anymore. It could be a while before joining or they may let you back in but will nag on you for burning them.


There is no way to know because it all depends on how much was lost for them, time since, and your credit profile.


If Marriott card wasn't with Chase, then its most likely going to be based on your account history and income to see if its worth Chase's time to hand out a credit line. 



While there is no way to see the outcome and don't succeed in hoping for Disney Visa Card, is it possible for you to get by with the Debit Version assuming the Disney Discount is worth the trouble for you?



I probably could have phrased this better to also include late marks, but I do think you get the idea. Ideal if its 30, 60 late marks showing ... those will probably be fine if they were 2 years out. However, if it was more than 60 days, then they will probably take notice of those marks.

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Re: Chase Disney Visa

The chargeoff was with Chase unfortunately. I did apply for the card about 3-4 years ago. While I cannot access the document that says the specific reason why the application was denied, I can fairly confidently say I don't recall seeing "past derogatory relationship" as a denial reason. I actually have the Disney Debit card already, I was more looking to do my spending in a way that would get me cashback in the form of Disney Rewards dollars (since the money is going to the mouse anyway).

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Re: Chase Disney Visa

There's always a chance.   Personally I'd be OK with taking a hard pull and making a phone call if necessary to confirm exactly where I stood although I'd be prepared for a denial,  but I admittedly have a history of being pretty unconcerned about the number of inquiries on my reports.

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