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Chase Sapphire Reserve “your already approved” then denied


Chase Sapphire Reserve “your already approved” then denied

I have my Subuaru loan through JP Morgan Chase for over two years on autopay, and on the Chase mobile app while looking at my invoices I saw in the credit cards section it had the green star "you're already approved" with an 80k sub on the Sapphire Reserve and the Preferred. I clicked the link, it had me put in my employment and income then select>"accept offer." As soon as I clicked accept offer, it gave me the 7-10 review notice. I called in to verify and they told me my application was not approved for too many cards over $2,000 balance (3 cards with high limits) and DTI.


I am 1/24 for an AMEX platinum, score 740. I am pissed because the cards said "already approved" if I knew they would not approve I would not have selected accept offer, now I have a hard inq. and nothing to show for it. What gives with Chase???

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Re: Chase Sapphire Reserve “your already approved” then denied

Call the reconsideration line and explain.

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Re: Chase Sapphire Reserve “your already approved” then denied

What gives is the time. Your CR changed from the time they did SP on which pre-approval was based till the HP for actual application. 

In all of my time here, you're second person to get denied with this type of offer, so it must have been significant change.  First one had a late pop up. It doesn't happen often at all. 

You can try reconsideration, just keep in mind Chase is very sensitive to raw dollar amounts, they don't play utilization percentage games. 

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Re: Chase Sapphire Reserve “your already approved” then denied

Sorry to hear that, wasting a hard pull is never a good feeling. My wife just this morning pre qualed on Amex for a few cards and when she applied for some reason she was denied due to verification with the SSA? SUPER weird - wasted hard pull.

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