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Chase blacklist

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Re: Chase blacklist

@B335is wrote:
Chase has a really long internal memory. Have you checked their pre qualifier?


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Re: Chase blacklist

Same boat here.

I burned Chase in 2004 for about $1500, I paid off the collection in 2009, but that doesn't help Chase. My reports are clean and I have 717 EX 710 EQ 708 TU FICOs (My utilization is 33% so I'm getting that down now and am expecting a big boost once done). I've been a Chase banking customer for over 10 years and I had a car note that I PIF with them with no baddies.

I'm applying for a Freedom in Nov. (I have a Cap 1 Plat that I am paying down and will PC to a QS). I checked the pre qual and the regular Freedom comes up. I'm expecting to be above 750 by November since my utilization is holding me down (I have 2 inquiries from car shopping that fall off this month as well but those aren't much of a factor). Hopefully Chase approves me and gives a nice CL. I'm ultimately gunning for the CSP in April 2017 so if I show them I turned over a new leaf I hope they will give it me.

Good luck and keep us updated!
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Re: Chase blacklist

@Loquat any update;I was blacklisted also and got back in;on prequel I got nothing had to recon but to me it was worth it;are you putting them on your blacklist???

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Re: Chase blacklist

Thank you to everyone but i guess chase an citi will have to wait for me now . I just got into 100k club in credit with 60k icome so now is just garden until a i can buy a house
Amex ED (2000) Amex BCE (2000) Amex macys (5000) Amex Gold , VENTURE (5000) MC PLATINUM (600) CAP QUICKSILVERONE (1250) CAP QUICKSILVER (4500) CAP QUICKSILVER (3500) PENFED AMEX (5000) PENFED CASH REWARDS (25,000) PENDFED REWARDS VISA SIGNATURE (20,000) UPROMISE (1000) NFL (4000) OVERSTOCK (2800) HSN (3200) DISCOVER IT(8500) AMAZON PRIME (10000) MARVEL(7000) BOF VISA(2000) BEST BUY VISA CITI (9000) BLISPAY (9000)Amex Magnet (10,000) Uber (3100)

WELCOME TO 100K CLUB . LAST APP 08/29/18 Credit Score 8 TU 720 EQ 705 EX 724

Starting Score: 640
Current Score: 720
Goal Score: 850

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CARD I want .
Chase Freedom and US cash +

Now back to the garden until 2020
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Re: Chase blacklist


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