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DCU Preapproval??


DCU Preapproval??

Hello everyone! So I recently joined DCU (savings only, didnt waulify for checking due to chexsystem. I ordered a copy of my report to see why but still waiting). They approved me for a personal loan last week for $6k @ 7% apr. I was interested in two more things with DCU.


1. Applying for a credit card. 

RIght now I only have 2 Navy Fed cards with $1k limit and $3k. I just paided the $1k balance down to 0 but $3k card is sitting at around 70% Utilization. I plan on paying it down more next week. The paid down 1 card hasnt hit my report yet which im assuming with boost my score alot. I see the preapproval CC in my DCU account. I thought I sent an application off after I opened my account but havnt see anything or recieved an email so not sure if it went through. 


2. I am looking to refinance my current car loan. My current rate is 4.4% and see DCU can go as low as 2.4%, Not sure what percantage I would get but if its the same or lower I will refinance to help lower some monthly payments. 


My question is, does DCU 1 hardpull cover all of their products? If so, for how long? Not sure it waiting for the lower CC balance to report will mean anything if DCU wont do another hard pull. (Equifax Fico 5 I believe they pulled) 





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