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Discover card denial post BK13

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Discover card denial post BK13

Been applying for Discover card for a year or less with the PreQual site.   Dec 2020 my BK13 falls off report.  Never had Discover card so was not included in BK.   Always get denied.   Sister applied for BK13 and just got off Jan 2019.  She applied about 2 months ago and got APPROVED.....WTH!!!!!!!   So she is less than a year out of BK13 gets approved.  I'm going into my 7th year and NOTHING!   Anyone have any suggestions or answers for this I'm just curious.   Credit scores per Discover site is 678, no lates since BK, less than 6 inquires, have 7 credit cards including AMEX, NFCU, Cap 1........what gives?

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Re: Discover card denial post BK13

Sorry to hear, Discover is a different kind of beast. There isn't any cadence for anything they do, approvals, cli or denials.

My story with them is as follows:

June or July 2016 (I think it was June) apped for a secured card. Denied

Dec 2016 apped for unsecured card. Approved

After 4 months, I received a cli every month regardless of usage.

Now, I can get one every 6 months or so. 
The point is, there is no solid answer. 


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