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Discover pull

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Re: Discover pull

@Hockeypnc1 wrote:

Anyone been able to get a 2nd Discover card after having the it Card for over a year?

Check prequal. If you have a solid APR, it’s almost guaranteed. Lots of people have second Disco IT cards. 

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Re: Discover pull

@kugel wrote:
Did the second card with disc got a 3k 14.24% solid apr
Not what I expected I was hoping for a bigger credit line
My first card has a 28K credit line
What are my chances that I will get a credit line increase later if I use the second card and pay it off monthly?

I love your Happy

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Re: Discover pull


Its very not likely to grow anywhere near the limit of your current card... though it is likely to grow... and perhaps even at a faster rate... 

Pretty sure you may run into internal ceilings of extending credit to a particular cardholder.....Though anything is possible.. You might consider transferring some of your other Disco limit to the new card ... 




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