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Discover unOfficial Data Points

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Re: Discover unOfficial Data Points

Silver is the Chrome It. Its not available for the regular It.
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Re: Discover unOfficial Data Points

I logged into my Discover It account this morning an noticed a promo for Business It, saying it "New", and I've never noticed it before. Straight 1.5% cash rewards, but double back rewards for the first year plus 0% APR for the first year. Thinking of app'ing for it. I don't really have a business, just occaisional sales on eBay and Amazon Marketplace, but I have the Cap One Spark Select (no AF) biz card.


And since the Discover It biz card almost certainly reports as a personal card like Spark I assume it's OK to post this here instead of Business Credit.


I got my Discover It in 2015 and forget what CRA they pulled but I think it was EX. According to DoC it's a mix - 52% EQ, 25% EX, 23% TU. I have all 3 CRs locked, so need to figure out which to unlock before app'ing.


EDIT: I tried the Disco pre-qual and got a message no pre-approvals found because EX was locked. Disco is a stickler on that even though as an existing creditor they should be able to SP, but their EX Scorecard also won't work unless I unlock EX first. Will check again in 8 days.

Fico 08: 720/721/719 TU/EX/EQ
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Re: Discover unOfficial Data Points

A few weeks ago I recieved a auto CLI for my Discover IT card. It was opened in 2013 as a student card, all my CLI's have been auto, I think requested a CLI once a while back but it was declined. Over the years the CLI's have been $1000 -> $2000 -> $4200 -> $7200 (June 2018) -> $9200 (Jan 2019). I had about a 40% UTL on the card when they gave me the CLI (took advantage of their 0% APR promo to pay for a Mac), I also opened a Discover It Miles in May. Discover says my TU is 749 but it's dropped a bit since.

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