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Do I go for it? (State Farm Visa)

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Re: Do I go for it? (State Farm Visa)

Good Luck!!!! Sounds like a good thing. 


@jl4 wrote:

Interesting. I know as of 7/15 my TU Fico 9 was 716. I pulled it just now (I still haven't received an alert of a hard pull from State Farm nevermind, I see it, they pulled it on the 21st) and it's 728 (and TU Fico Bankcard 9 is 735).


I called in this morning and they said they needed some ID verification documents. Since I'm headed out of the country tomorrow for a couple weeks, I won't get the letter for some time so I'm faxing over the documents today. They said it should take about a business day to review them.


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Re: Do I go for it? (State Farm Visa)

My application was declined. Since I’m traveling now, I won’t find out until at least the 7th when I get back and check my mail.
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Re: Do I go for it? (State Farm Visa)

Do you by chance still have the "invitation number" on that SF visa bonus.

They are NOT honoring their word on this - and are requiring us to have proof of that offer.... but yet it was confirmed when we signed up via phone.   thank you 

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Re: Do I go for it? (State Farm Visa)

@searchingforanswers1  This is an old thread. Please feel free to start your own with any questions you may have 

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Re: Do I go for it? (State Farm Visa)

Agree. This thread is locked and closed to new messages.
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