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First National Bank of Omaha Mlife Odds

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First National Bank of Omaha Mlife Odds

It's been one year since I was denied for this card due to too many new accounts.  On Oct 2017 I had 16 new cards in 12 months and 21 inqs in 12 months. While some creditors wouldn't bat an eye, FNBO is more conservative in that sense. 


My FICO Score 9 on Experian is 752 per information from Wells Fargo. My Fico  Score 9 was 726 last year around this time per WF. Letting my new acounts age and inqs fall off has helped with the increase. I do not know my Fico 8 score but I figure they would have increased as well as I let my accounts age.


I've been considering this card again. I will have 6 new accounts and 6 inquries in the last 12 months.  Would this still be considering "too many new accounts" for First National? Has anyone applied with about the same amount of inqs and new acounts and gotten approved? I do not currently have any relationship with them.

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Re: First National Bank of Omaha Mlife Odds

Well I will be honest 16 cards in 12 months IS a lot. I just opened a FNB Rewards Card back in August via my personal banker. I can tell you without a doubt that any account that is less than 12 months old is considered a “new account”. I think you have too many new accounts still. I would venture to guess that regardless of age this year, 6 new accounts will still be considered “new”. It’s always worth a shot but I wouldn’t get your hopes up.

*Also beware FNB hates more than 3 inquires in the last 12 months as they consider it “credit seeking behavior” and is considered a “risk”.

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Re: First National Bank of Omaha Mlife Odds

Thanks for the reply and it was in line with what I was expecting to hear. I am willing to give it a shot to be the datapoints I am seeking. There was one post from someone with 50inqs and s/he froze IDA (now SageStream) and ARS and was approved for this exact card. I am also curious if FNBO is more lenient on co-branded cards. I'll report back one way or another when I go for it. I've looked at their other cards and this is really the only one that I care about. 

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Re: First National Bank of Omaha Mlife Odds

FNBO typically uses the same UW criteria as their core cards, so they won't necessarily be "laxed" per se being a co-branded product. Although some folks have in the past frozen those alternate agencies, they have other methods to use when evaluating their applications. But, as with anything, YEMV.

If denied, reconsiderations are next to impossible.
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Re: First National Bank of Omaha Mlife Odds

I applied last night and received the 2-4 weeks message. Today I receive an email that they received my application and to wait 10-14 days for them to review. I still can't view the status on their site ( , it says app not found. The last time I applied it was an instant denial. So this is progress from that Smiley Happy I'm a pessimist so I'm expecting a denial as the final decision. More info as I know it.

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Re: First National Bank of Omaha Mlife Odds

They're really strict.  I don't like them.  Wish I had never opened that card.

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Re: First National Bank of Omaha Mlife Odds


i applied for their ducks unlimited card in April 2018when i had only 2 new accounts & 2 inquiries on EX with score of 723.

They still denied me saying too many accounts & too many inquiries.

I have their Murphy Visa & Total Rewards visa cards on my hit list, once i know i have all inquiries removed in may 2020. They will be my first app on EX. i really like MurphyVisa for 5c off every gallon & i very regularly fillup at walmart.

I m currently using sams club mc for gas with 5% upto $6000 and have barely accumulated $25 in rewards using samsclubmc at walmart/sams/other gas stations averaging $35/fillup.

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Re: First National Bank of Omaha Mlife Odds

Hello all, I didn't forget about my thread. I literally had not heard back one way or another until tonight. APPROVED!


Last year in Oct I applied for FNBO MLife and Wells Fargo Cash Wise. Both were denied. Since then, I have been approved for both. WF approved me in late March after I established a relationship with them. FNBO approved me after letting my accounts age and maybe freezing those data furnishers? Both were lessons learned from the stories I was able to gather from myFICO forum members. This should be it for now. I had previously set my eyes on Chase CSR but I think I will settle for CSP when I finally see that Green Check mark in my account. Until then, back to the garden for this guy! 


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