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Kohls Charge Card Approval Difficulty

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Kohls Charge Card Approval Difficulty

I applied for a Kohl's charge card online after I went through the preapproval process. I was told my application was pending. Today I received mail saying they need me to send a copy of my driver's license, a copy of my social security card and proof of residency in order to get the card. My credit score is over 800 and I have never been asked for all this info for a credit card, let alone a store charge card.


Does anyone know if one can go to a Kohl's store and show them this info to confirm the card? I don't really want to send such confidential info via fax, mail or email.

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Re: Kohls Charge Card Approval Difficulty

I don't have an answer for you.

Here's an early congratulations on your approval!
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Re: Kohls Charge Card Approval Difficulty

You can call them and ask.


As an alternative method you can consider sending the information via USPS Certified Mail Restricted Delivery.


FWIW as many members can attest, while this practice is more commonly associated with credit unions than bank-issued credit cards (Kohl's is issued by Capital One) asking for additional information for verification purposes has become much more common over the last few months due to the uptick in fraudulent attempts to secure credit in someone else's name.   Don't take it personally.




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Re: Kohls Charge Card Approval Difficulty

Call Capital One and ask them

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Re: Kohls Charge Card Approval Difficulty

Is this your first Capital one by chance and do you have anything frozen like LN?  I had some friends be asked this kind of stuff before when capital one could not verify the identity. 

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Re: Kohls Charge Card Approval Difficulty

I have had a Capital One card for years and opened a bank account with them in the past few months. I called the number on the letter I received (which was Kohls, not Capital One it seems) and they said you cannot provide the info in a Kohls store, and Capital One cannot allow you to bypass the required documentation.

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