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NFCU 3/91


NFCU 3/91

Okay so I’ve been a little on a spree since my approval with PenFed for a CC and a used auto loan so I decided to try to get into NFCU and was successful, my grandfather (who I consider my dad) raised both my brother and I since we’re little and my parents split and he served in WWII so I asked the NFCU rep if I could obtain membership since he served but he did pass away about 5 years ago. I spent time looking for his DD-14 and was able to find it so I let them know and they didn’t even ask for proof but I had it in case, I’m not going to cheat their system it was a yes or no and they allowed me to obtain membership. I of course opened an account (checking and savings) and then applied for their NFCU Go Rewards. Unsurprisingly, it went to review and then later in the evening I was approved for $1000 SL, I was a little disheartened because PenFed offered me $5500 SL with their power cash card off the bat so I was hoping for a little less at least given all the stories of incredible SL’s but I’m happy because i hear NFCU is one of the best credit unions to build with and boy am I rebuilding. I shot them a recon right away and explained so much about my situation and didn’t hear back for about 2 days, I finally heard back and got the following message:

We take our customers request is seriously and after heavy deliberation we’ve given the most we can.

Okay, not problem, but at the end it says to give 3 months... I was like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ okay no problem. I hear about 3/91 rule with them. Can someone help me determine when would be the best time to request a CLI? I’ve read plenty of wait 3 cut statements and 91 days which to me sounds like 6 months but I don’t know because of the reply message saying to wait 3 months etc.

Also, how should I effectively use this card, should I charge only small amounts and PIF towards end of the statement or should I carry a balance. I’m still learning the ropes of managing credit and have done well so far but I think I’ve gone as far as I can on my own and now need help.

I would like my gf to try and get in with them and since I am a member, they should take her on as well but she has a discharged BK of 1 year. If anyone has any input it is greatly appreciated. I will be gardening intilni can request a CLI then it’s permanent Martha Stewart living for me 😬

Ps. I was thinking of helping my gf with adding her as an AU but might that affect me negatively?
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Re: NFCU 3/91

Welcome and grats!


The 3/91 isn't "3 statements + 91 days".  It's wait at least 91 days/3 statements.  Basically 91 days + preferred right after an AR for a chance at a SP CLI.  But a lot of what I've been reading lately is 6 months for new members seems the more likely time line.

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Re: NFCU 3/91

Not 3/91. 91/3....account opened at least 91 days, and 3 statements have generated on said account. If the two factors exist, you should be in a good place to make the request. However, there are other factors. Utilization, income, DTI, etc.

The only way an AU can hinder your credit is if you, the primary, isn't controlling their spend. Or, depending on your arrangements, they don't pay; consequently making you responsible. There are, of course, other factors with this as well. Overall UTIL and other TLs reporting to name a few.

Personally, I'd first consider if this person is trustworthy. If all else fails, NFCU allows the primary to enforce spending limits on an AU. Your SL is only $1k. If you're worried about it, enforce a $200 - $300 spending limit. You're controlling your own UTIL destiny as well as your risk of exposure.

Good luck!



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