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Proof: Discover has tightened up CLI requirements.

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Re: Proof: Discover has tightened up CLI requirements.

@brutalbodyshots totally missed the last part of you response so I will chime in on the topic.


So I tried near my statement which is first of the month or I tend to lean towards attempts around the updated fico scoring. No large payments had been made as I have only used the card for a BT recently of around $2,500 and paid that in full around a month later. Haven’t put much spend on this card since my year miles anniversary


So don’t really blame them if they don’t want to give me anything. 😀


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Re: Proof: Discover has tightened up CLI requirements.

To avoid cross-duplication with any relevant data points that are already being captured in the active Discover Unofficial Data Points mega-thread, this thread has been locked and closed to new comments.


The OP has already been approved with a successful CLI which supersedes the intended [DP] purpose when this thread was originally created.


Additional DPs can continue to be captured on the active thread below:

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