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Uber Visa Credit Card Data Points Thread for Approvals

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Re: Uber Visa Credit Card Data Points Thread for Approvals

@JourneyStartsNow wrote:
Has anyone received an auto CLI on their Uber Visa and if so, what’s your current CL and how long have you had your card?

My SL was $2.5K and is still currently there even after decent usage and I PIF even after 11 months. I did run $1.7K through this past month and paid it off already.

I was I initially denied for this card due to my BK7 but approved after recon. I didn’t want to push the credit analyst any further for a better SL since she approved me.

I have had my Uber Visa since end of May, I have loved my entire experiences with it so far! I got a SLI of $4500 called them to see if I could get more but that was all they were able to give me at the moment. I have yet to get an Auto CLI yet, probably since my account is still new, no more then 4 months old. 

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Re: Uber Visa Credit Card Data Points Thread for Approvals

Yeah I've had my card for just a bit over 12 months now. I'm hoping for an auto-CLI next month. If not I'll decide on if I want to use a HP to bump up my $2.5K CL or apply for the Cap1 SavorOne card as a backup just in case the Uber Visa goes poof.

BK7 Discharged 4/15. Back to square 1.
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