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Venture Manual Review and Two New HPs

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Re: Venture Manual Review and Two New HPs

@kdm31091 wrote:
Yeah. Some are more giving than others, that's absolutely true and sometimes its random. I'm sorry this happened with capital one but Venture is not going anywhere

That's what I kinda like about the card. It's not one of those where there's some limited time sign up bonus or anything like that so there will be other opportunities to try it and isn't the end of the world if I didn't get it now.


Besides there's also a possible CLI from CapOne to look forward to next month on my Quicksilver. My last CLI with them was almost 6 months ago. I remember when pizza made that rant about CapOne and how several months later she was finally able to get some luv from them so anything's possible.

Total CL: Around $168,750 not counting hidden TLs. FICOs in the 700-730 range.

Main cards: Macy's Amex: $24k, Lowe's, $17k, Chase Sapphire Preferred: $7k, Chase AARP: $5.2k, Chase Freedom: $5k, Chase British Airways: $5k, Discover It: $1.5k, Barclays Arrival: $2.5k, Sam's Club MC: $8.5k, Stash: $8k, Sam's Club: $10k, Wells Fargo Propel: $8k, Paypal Smart Connect: $4.9k, Amazon Store Card: $6k, Cabelas Club Visa: $5k, Nordstrom: $5k, CapOne Quicksilver: $2k
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