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Will I get approved for the new Uber Credit card?

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Will I get approved for the new Uber Credit card?

I currently have a discover student card ($750 Limit, age is 2yrs 9mo), Victoria Secret card ($1,300 limit, age is 2 yrs 5mo), Chase freedom ($1,500 limit, 7mo), and a Nordstrom card ($1,500 limit, age is 6mo).

I'm 21, and still trying to build up credit. Credit Karma says my Transunion score is 644, and my Equifax score is 647. I have never missed a payment, but my utilization is sorta high so I know thats what is bringing my score down (along with credit age). I have been working on paying off my cards for the past 2 months and I've got a decent amount paid off, its just lagging on the update. My fico score is 658 according to my discover app, but that one hasnt been update in a while (shows my utilization to be way higher than it is). 

I really want to apply for the card as I believe I would benefit from it. I have gotten in the habit to pay off whatever I put on each card so I trust myself not to max it out, plus the rewards are great. I am just worried about being denied.

I do not want it to hurt my score as I plan on signing a lease in 6 months. I believe that if I do have good approval odds the new balance would help my overall utilization, aka help my score?

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Re: Will I get approved for the new Uber Credit card?

Id say keep gardening. Your scores arent strong but they are getting there. If you can hold out another 6-9 months, and continue to take care of your credit, you should be ok. I would start asking for CLIs on the cards youve had the longest without one. Start gently boosting your scores.

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Re: Will I get approved for the new Uber Credit card?

Barclay can be a little picky. I would get your utilization under 30% and wait for your credit reports to reflect that before apping for the Uber card. If you can get your util below 10% then even better!

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Re: Will I get approved for the new Uber Credit card?

So  Barclay will look at the past 12 months of credit usage. They might be able to approve through a recon, but I would defintely drop the usage as low as possible. I applied last month after my 1 year or rebuilding and got approved. App'd Jan 18 and most recent delinquent was 120+ in Jan of 2017. I thought they'd deny me. Many get the 7-10 day notice, call backdoor number and get approved.


Best of luck!



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