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AMEX!! ;)

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Re: AMEX!! ;)

Congratulations!!  I started out with a $1,000 CLI Amex Everyday.  I just got my first 3x CLI to $3,000.  As long as you treat it right, you will be rewarded.  I can't wait for my next 3x CLI.

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Re: AMEX!! ;)

Thanks everyone! I got it in the mail today still feels surreal. I just wish I didn't feel so paranoid with Amex haha. All the stories of not to use it here or don't do that bothers me a tad but nevertheless I'm excited.

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Re: AMEX!! ;)

Samster12 wrote:
I just wish I didn't feel so paranoid with Amex haha. All the stories of not to use it 


Well, of course use it! 


However, remember two simple rules:

1. NEVER depend on American Express CC, especially when you travel

2. ALWAYS cary some other brand CC as back up.


And you will be fine......


(Advice from somebody, who is on Amex extreme black list for last 18 years, but still have valid Amex card.) ;-)

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Re: AMEX!! ;)

Samster12 wrote:
So I was casually browsing the Amex site when I tried out the prequalified offers. To my surprise I was prequalified and ultimately decided to take the inquiry since I have zero on EX. I figured what the heck.

I was approved for 1000 for the BCE. The spinner was taking forever so I was assuming a big fat no. I'm still shocked even though I know I barely got in.

My EX score is 636 with 2% UTL. I currently have VS at 500 and secured discover 500. I have collections from 2014 but they've been paid. I'm so excited to be in with some better banks. I can't believe I took the chance on Amex with my score.

Congratulations! At least they didn't start you out at $500... Smiley Wink

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Re: AMEX!! ;)

Judging by personal experience this week and seeing other posts, it looks like now is the time to apply for an Amex revolver if your goal is to get in the door. I was only approved for $500 but I prob shouldn't have been approved in first place. Also I did not prequalify for any offers and was still approved.
Started in the 600's. Got up to the 700's. Racked up high util so now I'm back down to 600's. Just paid off all cards in full at one time. Waiting to see what that does to my scores.
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Re: AMEX!! ;)

I applied a little over a month ago and felt like I shouldn't have been approved either. I was prequalified but still. It does seem something is up with Amex. At least my score has went up since I applied. I think it's weird they are suddenly approving people they typically wouldn't...

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Re: AMEX!! ;)

I am happy for you. When DW got her BCP  15K limit we were in for shock. We were looking for $5K to 10K.  Because of the limit we don't have worry about utilz so it gets used places where either Cap 1 QS or Citi DC would do better.   .  

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Re: AMEX!! ;)

Congratulations and welcome to the AMEX family!

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