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Amex BCP Approval

Amex BCP Approval

So I've been on an app spree ...recently applied for Jovia Visa Signature (SL 8000) ...Chase Sapphire preferred (SL 8400)

Apple card (SL 3500)

And now  Amex (SL 15000) update after i logged in to account portal!!!

so I'm 4/4 on apps rn thinking about grabbing a high limit Wells Fargo card and I'll go back into the garden any suggestions???

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Re: Amex BCP Approval

That is an excellent SL on an excellent Amex approval.  

You are making things  seem very easy!

Super congratulations!!!



My additional 0.02 cents... Wells may not as surprisingly generous with the SL after review the number of your recent approval on your profile, however I still wish you the best of luck!

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Re: Amex BCP Approval

That's great!! Congratulations on your approvals!!!

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Re: Amex BCP Approval

you look MARVelous!Smiley Happy

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Re: Amex BCP Approval

Congrats on the approval but quit while you're ahead. Chase doesn't like sprees and won't hesitate to shut your card down. 

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Re: Amex BCP Approval

yea i think your right i will hold off and go back in the garden....its funny cause i just signed to the amex and it says full credit limit 15000 and its 10000 now untill i activate the card ...thanks for the input

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Re: Amex BCP Approval

Congratulations on your approvals!
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Re: Amex BCP Approval

Great SL on the Amex!  Congrats on that.


I didn't know that WF was known to have any high SL cards.  If you were to apply for one though you'd probably want to do it before all of those other new accounts start landing on your CR so that the app only "sees" the recent inquiries, not the accounts.

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Re: Amex BCP Approval

Congrats on your approvals!

However, if these were all recent, i would stop now for at least 6 months, a year would be better. Chase doesn't like credit seeking, and is especially tight during these times.

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Re: Amex BCP Approval

Congrats on your BCP Approval🎉🎉👍

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