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Auto Apple CLI

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Auto Apple CLI

Have been requesting and receiving CLI approvals around every 3 months since receiving my card in August 2020, started with a $1,750 limit and most recently grew to $8750 as of November 2021.


Just this month, (mid Feb), I requested and was rejected for the first time, stating that my credit score has dropped substantially based on my credit report dated January 17th. I've had some higher util on a few other cards that I payed down in February but it looked like they were using a January credit report to make the decision. I called the support line, and they told me they usually refresh their internal reports around the 3rd week of the month, so I waited a couple days and tried again. Same rejection with the same date of Jan credit pull.


Decided to hold off and try again in a month or so to wait for things to be updated, and today I received an email from Apple Support saying Good News, Your Apple Card now has a Higher Limit, and they bumped me from $8750 to $12,750. 


Just thought I'd share some data points if helpful to anyone else looks like they might look back at rejections and compare to a newly pulled soft report to auto-check if an increase would have been substantiated.



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Re: Auto Apple CLI

Congratulations @jer2305 for your Apple Card CLI 

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Re: Auto Apple CLI

Congratulations on your Apple CLI!! 

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Re: Auto Apple CLI

Congratulations on your Apple Card CLI!

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Capital One Venture X
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Re: Auto Apple CLI

Congrats on your CLI! Thanks for the DPs!

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Re: Auto Apple CLI

Congratulations on your Apple Card auto-CLI!

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Re: Auto Apple CLI


1/8/17 Discover $18300 CL- $1k SL- AU, no longer on reports b/c of error (wife's card)
1/26/20 AmEx Cash Magnet $35k CL (wife's card)
2/19/20 BB&T/Truist Rewards $11k SL- impulse application
2/22/20 Citi Double Cash WEMC $17,400 CL, $2900 SL- AU- (wife's card)
3/8/20 Wells Fargo Propel AmEx $5000 CL (AU, wife's card, not on CR b/c I was temporarily removed as an AU)
3/9/20 BB&T/Truist Rewards $11k SL- AU, not on reports- impulse app (wife's card)
3/21/20 REDcard MasterCard (TD Bank) $2500 SL, $6000 CL
11/24/20 AmEx Cash Magnet $10k SL, CLI after 36hr to $20k- $35k CL
6/10/21 SoFi World Elite MC (TBOM) $7000 SL
1/19/22 AppleCard/GS $10k CL, SL $6k SL AU, wife
8/15/22 Chase freedom $10.3k wife (not an AU yet)

Credit Scores for both of us around 800, depending on what you pull & balances. All PIF, frequently before statement close
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Re: Auto Apple CLI

Grats on your Apple auto luv Smiley Happy

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Re: Auto Apple CLI

That's terrific!!  Congratulations on your Apple Approval!! 🎉🥂👏

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