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Capital One Credit Steps Program


Re: Capital One Credit Steps Program

Yeah, I guess my point was that you only get that one increase and their customer service sucks. I do not know how they offer credit in a crunch. I would like an example of that? How would you even escalate an inquiry? Do they just transfer the call from India to Budapest?  None of the people I ever talked with over the phone could speak english very well either, it was easier to understand Dick Clark as an emcee at his last televised New Years show. 

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Re: Capital One Credit Steps Program

I spoke with a CSR over the weekend about this program, and she confirmed its 1 increase. I have a card that started at 500, and at the 7th statement will go to 750. I just PIF and likely wont use it for a while. My plan would be to look to convert that card to their cash rewards after 1 year

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Re: Capital One Credit Steps Program

Not sure if I'm enrolled in the program or not.  I have a Capitolone Platinum that had a 1k credit limit initially then was increased to 1.5k after six months.

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Re: Capital One Credit Steps Program

Sign onto your cap one account, then go into statements/documents. If you are, you'll see a nice little letter, that corresponds with the date of issuance.

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Re: Capital One Credit Steps Program

ITs one step these days, If CapOne adopted the CLI every 6 months of perfect behaviour policy they would improve everyones oppinion of them by 10,000%. Even if the CLI was only 10 or 20% it would be awesome might even decide to keep my capone rewards card and its $39 a year AF, but currrently  the card feeds the shredder in MAY when the AF is due unless they waive the AF.  Perhaps even if they do waive the fee. 

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Re: Capital One Credit Steps Program

I signed up for the credt step program. Started with $300 and 6 months later was boosted to $1300. A $1000 CLI is not bad in my eyes.

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Re: Capital One Credit Steps Program

I recevied a Quicksilver card in March 2014 and last week I received a $250 increase.  I will try again at 1 year, but won't be surprised if that is denied.  It seems a credit steps offer is never meant for someone who's credit elite, so typically but with exceptions initial lines are low and increases aren't huge, although some report higher increases than expected.  My points is "Credit Steps" is a valid perspective over all for someone starting out or over, and patients should be your attitude and with time the cards and limits you want will come.

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Re: Capital One Credit Steps Program

Today I got an email that said I successfully followed these steps:

1. Use your card at least once.
2. Make your first 5 monthly payments on time.

I got a $500 CLI ($3k-->$3500). Cool, I'll take it!

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Re: Capital One Credit Steps Program

cracksmeup wrote:

I received my Capital One card and was enrolled in the Credit Steps program last October.  As I understood it, as long as the account was kept in good standing, with no lates or anything, I would receive a CLI every 6 months.  I did get one 6 months later, in April.   I just did the online chat thing with a rep from Capital One to find out when they would be putting in the CLI.  He told me that the Credit Steps Program was a one time promotion and that my account was already increased under the promotion in April.  WTH?  Anybody else in this program and received more than one increase?  I'm almost positive that when I received the info about the program in the mail it said every 6 months, not just one.  If it really is only a one time thing then the name needs to be changed to Credit Step, not StepS!

That's why I always put information like that in my files.  But somehow I doubt they would put in writing a CLI every six months.  Sounds like they would be opening themselves up to a huge liability problem if they did.  Just my opinion.

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Re: Capital One Credit Steps Program

cracksmeup wrote:I received my Capital One card and was enrolled in the Credit Steps program... I did get one 6 months later, in April


Yeah that's all you get in the Credit Steps program.  One increase.  But there's nothing stopping you from hitting the luv button for a soft pull increase every six months after that.


Credit steps works because when you apply, they know what your limit will be at the end of the program, but they hold back part of it until you have made it through six statement cycles.  After that, your increases are all based on spending, credit history, and payments.


If you keep getting the increases every six months, eventually you'll hit the 3,500 ceiling for the rebuilder card.  Hopefully by that time you'll have a good enough report to PC out of the subprime division and into a real Capital One card.  That's when you start to see nice five figure limits.

That black 12k WMC card in my signature started as a Credit Steps card.  As much as people knock the company, I like them.  They gave me credit when no one else would, and let me PC my small crappy rebuilder to something more when I was ready.  They give me unlimited cashback, and no forex fee when I'm out of the country.  

And the best part is instead of a closed, low limit rebuilder card being on my report, I have an open high limit prime card dated back to my rebuilding days.


No complaints here.

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