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Chase Freedom Recon Success!!

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Chase Freedom Recon Success!!

So, i app'd for a chase freedom card and got the standard "your app is in review" message. Called the recon line right away and the lady told me my app was declined. I asked if i could be reconsidered. She looked at my credit file (Equifax) and said other than my Auto Repo, my file looks good. (Repo is the only negative on my Equifax file, 626 FICO). She reffered me for further review and approval. I was then asked to provide proof of my address. I faxed in my utility bill about 2 weeks ago. It takes about 7-10 days for them to scan a fax into their system. I called tonight to get an update, i was told by the rep that he can see my document. He placed me on hold for about 5 min while he processed my app and when he came back said i would have my card and welcome pacl in about 7-10 days!! Chase Freedom Platinum 1,500 CL!!! Cant believe it!! It really does pay to recon a denied app. I have been turned down by Discover, AMEX, Citi, and BOA. Chase was definatley the most receptive!

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Re: Chase Freedom Recon Success!!

Wow congrats! It's a hassle sending in verification info but in the end its worth it.
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Re: Chase Freedom Recon Success!!

Very nice, Congrats! Glad the recon worked! Smiley Happy

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Re: Chase Freedom Recon Success!!

It is a hassle...and not every rep is helpful. I called several times and got several different responses. A couple reps told me i was declined, some transfered me to a different department. Very stressful. If you dont feel like they are telling you accurate info then call back and talk to a different person, its worth it.

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Re: Chase Freedom Recon Success!!




I am a huge fan of Chase recon!  They are awesome if you get the right person.


Congrats on your success!

WOW! EQ when I joined myFICO: 657. Ups and downs and a few bumps and bruises, but finally back over 700. Whew!

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Re: Chase Freedom Recon Success!!

We will forever be connected by our two Freedom apps getting approved on the same day. 


Congratulations!!! Patience pays off. 

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Re: Chase Freedom Recon Success!!

Congrats.  They pulled EQ?  What state/city are you in?  myfico EQ is my best score and doesn't show my (1) paid collection that TU and EX show

Do you know if CHASE always pull EQ?.

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Re: Chase Freedom Recon Success!!


wow, congrats on the approval.


Did you try to recon with Discover, Amex, BOA, citi etc?


Also, what is your credit score?

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Re: Chase Freedom Recon Success!!


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Re: Chase Freedom Recon Success!!

I did try to recon with the others. Discover said they wont over turn any initial decision, just to re apply in 45 days. BOA said my credit file wasnt strong enough after my repo. ( I have one Cap one card with 500 cl and a car loan on my credit file, on time for 2 years) Amex reviewed my app, only to deny me again. Anyone have any recon success with the others?


Chase is the only card who really does a true recon, at least thats my experience.


I was also approved for a Wells Fargo Platinum Rewards card about a month ago when i opened my checking account there. They actually gave me a 2,500 limit!


 I live in Florida and my EQ Fico is 626. My report has one negative, a TD Auto repo from 2010. They keep reporting it every month, so when creditors look at my file, it looks like the repo just happened! SMH...Also have a lot of inquiries. I tried to buy a house this summer/fall and kept trying different banks. So now ill wait about 6 months or so and let the new cards bump my score a bit!

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