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Check app status issue Cap One

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Re: Check app status issue Cap One

@Poppa wrote:

Ok. Thanks. You mean she doesn't need to worry about low utilization and just pay it down before statement cuts then PIF to put a lot of money through it each month? 

I was originally planning to have her try to PC it to QS after a few statements. Lately I've been reading about getting luv after 2-3 statements then getting auto CLI after 5-6 statements. Then after those two increases (hopefully) PC to QS.Then it would be another 6 months before a possible increase. 

Yes that is exactly what I mean. Cap1 doesn't care about high util throughout the month (or ever really) you just want to make sure you pay it down before statement cuts because you don't want high util to report to the credit bureaus (her score would take a hit if it did).

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Re: Check app status issue Cap One

@Poppa wrote:

The card came today. The website is not working for us today but she was able to activate via phone. I forgot APR is always 24.99 on Platinum. Her SL is $500. I was hoping for more but I've read plenty of people started out there.

Congrats on the approval!  Smiley Very Happy


I'm super-glad it worked out well regardless of the bumpy start! 

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Re: Check app status issue Cap One

@Poppa wrote:

She was approved Smiley Happy


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Re: Check app status issue Cap One

Update: We followed the advice of heavy spending and after the 2nd statement we tried for the CLI. They gave her an increase to $1500. Waiting for the 5 months of on time payments for the next increase and then going for the PC to Quicksilver. 

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