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Citi DC CLI to 18K.

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Re: Citi DC CLI to 18K.


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Re: Citi DC CLI to 18K.

@AverageJoesCredit wrote:
You can always take the hp to get what you really want but for free cli, isnt that badSmiley Wink

Unfortunately, not always.


My HP CLI from Citi on my DC card yielded me $5k, where the SP CLI I got on the same account scored me $7k. 


I agree with what AJC said above regarding credit scores.  An 800+ score is really no better than a 740 score give or take, so really an 840 doesn't stand any "better" chance of a more favorable CLI.  What matters far more would be factors such as monthly spend/swipes, payment pattern, income, length of time since last CLI, history with the lender, income, etc.  


OP, if you're comfortable sharing any of the above information I just listed it would be helpful in assessing what others may expect regarding Citi DC CLIs. 

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