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Discover CLI approval -- $300

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Discover CLI approval -- $300

I should mention that I got my $300 CLI from Discover this month. That's the most they'll trust me with at any given moment.


Data: TU FICO 8 was 742.

           Card regularly used each month, primarily for short term balance transfers.

           3 statements/months since last $300 CLI. (Last one before that had about a 10-month wait).

           Discover CL was and still is my lowest CL.


Total revolving limits 730000 (603500 reporting) FICO 8 scores: EQ 722 TU 764 EX 734
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Re: Discover CLI approval -- $300

Congratulations on something from discover! They have not shown much of anything to me and just like you, they are my lowest CL card.

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Re: Discover CLI approval -- $300

Congrats on your CLI from Discover!! SP increases are always the best

State Farm Rewards (3,000) ~ Marvel MC (8,000) ~ PenFed Power Cash (10,000) ~ PenFed Promise (1,000) ~ PenFed OLOC (500) ~ Discover ($1,100) ~ Citi DC (2,200) ~ NFCU cashRewards (6,200) ~ NFCU Platinum (2,700) ~ NFCU CLOC (15,000) ~ Venture (10,300) ~ DCU Visa (5,000) ~ Chase Freedom (3,000) ~ Amex Hilton Honors (5,000) ~ Amex SPG (1,000) ~ Amex BCE (1,000) ~ Care Credit (15,000)
Current Scores (6/6/18): 697 Transunion, 659 Equifax, 674 Experian
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Re: Discover CLI approval -- $300



I am on the $300 train on my IT as well. In their defense, I do not use it all that much.

AAOA 15 months Fico 08's 714 717 678 11% Utilization
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Re: Discover CLI approval -- $300

The South Jamaican Special meets The Church Lady. " Well isnt that Special!" Smiley Wink

** the day you get more than $300 surely will feel like The Day After TomorrowSmiley Happy
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Re: Discover CLI approval -- $300

I went on their site the other day and did the pre-qualify and was instantly approved for the discover it, chrome and miles. I took the miles and was approved with a SL of 10k.

This is the first time I've been able to get back in with them since my bankruptcy that was discharged in 2003. I did pay them back through bankruptcy though.
Delta Amex Platinum $1500, Target MC $3k, Cap1 GM BuyPower MC $3k, Overstock $1500, Discover Miles $10k, Cap1 QS $750 (lol). Chase Amazon Visa Signature 3k.
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Re: Discover CLI approval -- $300

Congrats SJ! Baby steps I guess. Hopefully, the steps get larger over the next several months. 

FICO as of 02/13/2018: 669 EQ Fico 8, 709 TU Fico 8, 716 EX Fico 8
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Re: Discover CLI approval -- $300

I actually feel bad for you SJ....

Not sure why Miss Disco is such a ... tease with you.... It would get a tad bit annoying to me...

What are you trying (reread your post)....part of me wonders if you would have any luck apping for another card (miles or such) ... Feel like for some reason your current card is stuck.... Consider calling in to their "credit dept" during the day and taking a hard hit to see if it frees it up? Other idea is to Sign up for CS if you havent already, and try fishing the preapprovals for a Miles?  Or iv heard some folks now have a second IT card... not sure how true that is... All kidding aside, I kinda expected more Joltdude Specials for your credit profile than SJ Specials... they keep on leaving off that important 0....Smiley Wink


Your right though... Disco is not a bad card for BTs.....





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Re: Discover CLI approval -- $300

Congrats!!! I am riding on the same train.

Discover It $21.5k
Citi DC WEMC $16.8k
USBank Cash+ VS $12k
USBank Cash 365 AMEX $12k
Apple Card MC $6.5k
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Re: Discover CLI approval -- $300

Congrats! I just had a $450 increase from $3,250. I immediately called their CLI phone line 800-347-4856 and I was approved for another $550 for a total of $1,000 increase to $4,250. Be sure to call that number every time you get an increase through their button. They have always approved me more without a HP.

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