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Discover IT Cash Back Approved!

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Re: Discover IT Cash Back Approved!

Congrats & welcome to the DISCO fam 👍🏻
I just recently gotten approved for a Discover card & just like u, I got the same options. I opted for the cash back card & got instantly approved with a $1k SL as well. I have been wanting one for many years, but always got denied till now.
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Re: Discover IT Cash Back Approved!

Rebuild is going very well! Congratulations!

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Re: Discover IT Cash Back Approved!

Congrats and welcome to the Discover family!

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Re: Discover IT Cash Back Approved!

Thanks all!

Starting FICO 8 as of 2 APR 2019

FICO 8 as of 10 OCT 2019

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Re: Discover IT Cash Back Approved!

Congratulations! Discover will always be a favorite of mine. Enjoy!

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Re: Discover IT Cash Back Approved!

Disco is the best! Congratulations! They offer great rewards, especially the first year. I'm loving their 5% (really, 10% the first year) off of gas and groceries! Can't be beat.



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