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Discover Miles Approved!.......LOL!

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Re: Discover Miles Approved!.......LOL!

@Roodog26 wrote:
Congrats on the approval. I am planning to app for this next year. Long story, but this card is to pay rent as the fee is super cheap if I pay with discover and high cash back for it. Do they not tell the starting limit before you get the card? Do you mind sharing some data points like scores and aaoa at the time of approval?

The SL was on the sheet the card was attached to. 

My EQ was down to 734. AAOA was 1.6 yrs and 52 inqs

NFCU-BBVA-Discover-Idaho Central FCU-Capital One-Goldman Sachs (Apple)-Redstone-John Deere-Signature-EECU-BofA-AOD-Chase-Amex-Banco de Popular-Banco Do Brasil-Commerce-Truist-Citi-Synchrony-HSBC-USAA-Amegy-FNBO-Dell-Regions
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Re: Discover Miles Approved!.......LOL!

I want this card too...tried back in January and declined. Ill try again next July and gardeningSmiley Wink...congrats to you

My rebuild worked for me, but won't necessarily work for you!
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