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Two Sync CLIs

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Two Sync CLIs

My spreadsheet notified me that it had been three months since I asked for a CLI from Sync for my Walmart and Carecredit cards.


For my Walmart card, I hit the love button, was at $5k, asked for $10k, was given $6k as a counter. Accepted.


For my Carcredit card, I hit the love button, was at $8k, asked for $10k, was given $12k as a counter (wut). Accepted.


Tried to go for it again, asked for $15k, was denied. $13k. Denied, too. 


Good day all in all. Added $5k to my total pool, which is always nice Smiley Happy


I should probably use my Walmart card soon, though, so they don't axe it for non-usage. 

EQ8: 779 (Inq: 1) | TU8: 771 (Inq: 0) | EX8: 763 (Inq: 4)
Total Rev: $182,500
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Re: Two Sync CLIs

Excellent CLIs, congratulations!

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Re: Two Sync CLIs

I like the part about "my spreadsheet said it was time." I started one last month and I find it real helpful in staying precise & methodical. Nicely done.

And Congrats! j on your CLI success X 2.

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Re: Two Sync CLIs

CongratsSmiley Happy.


I always did well with them, but my last increase was 6/6/18 for walmart and amazon 6k limits now . However I can't get anymore and usually the reasons were "time since last increase", but this time it mentions inquires and length of time accounts been established, so I think I might have hit my max with them?

EXP 780 EQ 791TU 795
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Re: Two Sync CLIs

Congrats OpSmiley Happy

Mom, me too. Im 0 for 2 on PP MC, called last night. Fastest nothing ever. I like the card but at $300 its going to the sd. I think now im maxed and they probably dont like seeing my high debt on 3 orher cards. Oh well, was fun to get my Sync cards up . Let that be a lessen you can have a great TU score but eventually your actusl report will matter more.
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Re: Two Sync CLIs

Congratulations on your CLIs!!

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