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Walmart Pre-Approved for $500

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Re: Walmart Pre-Approved for $500

KausticRage wrote:

When I logged into my Walmart account and click on the CC app it said I was Pre-Approved for $500.  Althouhg its nice to see a pre-approval and I want to app but that limit is low.  Has anyone ever had any success getting that limit up with Recon after being approved for the pre-approved limit?  Sorry if its a repost but I couldnt find an answer with a search.

Yes, you can call underwriting. They only approved me for $2000 and I called in the first couple of weeks of having the card and requested $5000. I had not even used the card when they approved my request.

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Re: Walmart Pre-Approved for $500

mine had gone from 4 to 800 after the first 4 months, and i don't use it.
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Re: Walmart Pre-Approved for $500

gotta love the 15 off a gallon! I really do like my walmart card Smiley Happy having said that - it is one of my lowest limit cards, BUT it has grown and I did take advantage of a 0% offer for a 3d tv. The promo was 0% for 18 months. needless to say it was paid off within 3 months.. but its an easy card to use... I mean we all already shop there. you treat ge good and they treat you better.

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Re: Walmart Pre-Approved for $500

Is the discover any different from the store card in regards to CLI? Are they mostly automatic or must be requested?

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Re: Walmart Pre-Approved for $500

What are the odds of being denied the card if it shows you're "pre-approved"?  I had no idea they had any sort of pre-approval system until I saw this post, so I went to check it out and it says I'm pre-approved for $700...  A few quick questions:


-Will this go away if I don't accept it now?  (I see the $20 back if you spend $100 same day as getting the card is why I ask.  Not ready to commit to $100 purchase although I'm sure I could scrape something together if I had to lol)

-I assume it's still a hard pull, is that correct?

-I think the store card includes the FICO acces, is that correct?


I don't have any GE cards, and my old GE Walmart CO just fell off earlier this year lol  I was planning to app for Walmart next March, but since I've read GE is good about growing, I see no harm in applying now unless their "pre-approvals" are inclined to be denials.


ETA: Actually I can think of one reason I shouldn't do it, AA from Barclays on my new card... lol Maybe I should hold off... Stupid stores tempting us around the holidays!

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Re: Walmart Pre-Approved for $500

I bet if you go to the store and do app in electronics department you'll have a better chance of getting a higher limit. If they don't approve high enough you can call in the spot and recon successfully.

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Re: Walmart Pre-Approved for $500

I app'd recently and got a WM Discover with a $1K limit, I tried to raise that to $2K (was going to do a $500 purchase and take advantage of 0% for 18 months, didn't want to report 50%+ util on the card) and was denied. Was told to use the card and call back or go online to request a CLI at the 4th statement. If you plan to buy something it may be better to app at the store.

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