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calling all amex gurus

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calling all amex gurus

ok , i just want to say thanks for all of the advice. I have two questions? I  have listened to you guys an appleid for an amex gold card, then waited 24 hrs and appleid for a delta skymiles card. I was approved for both. Only one hard pull. My first question is how long should i wait for a CLI?


next  question, i called amex before i applied via phone, and asked if i owed a balance , they said no. Amex said i had an open/closed account from 2007-2012 with good history, cards were approved , but the next couple of days, i got a credit alert stating my scores dropped 40 points. I looked, and amex removed the previous accounts on the credit report. My question was why did amex do such a thing? but when i log into my amex portal is says customer since 2007 ????????

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Re: calling all amex gurus

Answers :

1. There is a detail guide within the post called 3X AMEX CLI -
Long story short, on the 62 day since your approval request 3X the starting limit and t will do 1 of 3 things - 1. Approve 2. Counter 3. Decline. IF DECLINE wait another 62 days and do the same thing again. IF APPROVED you MUST WAIT 6 months from the CLI approval date.

2. They remove the old/bad one so they can post your “new” good one. AMEX will not back date in ur bureau but the welcome and the card will say 2007 (in your case) - happenes time too, my card, online portal says 2004 and the best part when I call CSR they thank me for being a value member since 2004 !!

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