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Alliant CU - wow! One-pull wonders

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Re: Alliant CU - wow! One-pull wonders

casinoannie97 wrote:
but I worry about my EQ being 698. Guess I'll wait until my CCCU turns one year. Did they only pull the one cr?
Did they tell you what your score with them was?

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alliant only pulls EQ, but they seem to have an internal scoring system that makes your score lower. i didn't ask what my score was cos i applied online. in any case, your score is fine. depending on your other CLs (and baddies, if any), you should be able to get a $2.5k to $5k visa. check out credit pull on Edit for more info.

smallfry wrote:
PIF what is the difference?

call me paranoid, i'm in my early 20s and i'm not so confident what's gonna happen down the road. i'd like to have couple CCs that have "low" APRs for emergencies, which mean i might not be able to PIF. it is also my principle on CCs - always negotiate the best terms when i don't need them.

in any case, alliant did offer their best advertised APR - 12.50%(!) for the rewards CC. considering that this CC is for emergency only and how my other CCs have better rewards and lower APRs, i'll be happy with the non-rewards version.


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