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Amex prequal


Amex prequal

I use Amex's My Credit Guide and today my FIRST ever prequalified offer showed up!! Woot woot 😁. I'm not gonna app for it. It's a Delta sky miles gold w/99$ AF. But seeing the offer is validation for me !!

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Re: Amex prequal


I agree it is a great feeling to finally see the offer!! Congrats!!


I finally got the offer for a Hilton and Delta card a few weeks ago after checking for months (and months, and months lol)!! Like you, I didn't go for it but it sure felt like I was making progress on my build!! Smiley Happy

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Re: Amex prequal

Grats on your Amex offers.

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Re: Amex prequal

Congratulations on your prequal offer!
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Re: Amex prequal

I’m clueless. What is the Amex My Credit Guide? Congrats on the pre-approval.

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Re: Amex prequal

@BmoreBull wrote:
I’m clueless. What is the Amex My Credit Guide? Congrats on the pre-approval.

It's a credit monitoring tool similar to what discover and chase offer.

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Re: Amex prequal

My Credit Guide is where they show your Credit Score

one of the tabs says Offers. that is where they list all their available cards and any pre quals

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Re: Amex prequal

I signed up for AMEX My Credit Guide as well. It seems they use TransUnion Vantage 3.0, which is what CK uses. 

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Re: Amex prequal

I only use My Credit Guide for the prequal. I figured it would be easier than stalking their prequal page everytime. Plus I like the way they lay out the report. Stats if anyone is wondering ex 664 tu 660 eq 664 40%uti 1 collection medical 2014. A few lates over 4 years old. 

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