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Capitol One Upgrade

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Capitol One Upgrade


I woke up to a suprise email from Capitol One today. Apparently, I'm elgible to uprgrade my journey card to a quicksliver w/ no annual fee, no credit check or application. I was carrying a 2K balance with them for 3 months, but just PIF last week. I asked for an increase on Monday and they upped my limit to $4,450 - I really wasn't expecting this after being denied a CLI for 6 months but I'm happy. Should I go for the upgrade?


Side note - I was approved for a Discover IT card with a 4K limit and a NFCU w/ a 1K limit. Although,  I went through hell trying to get access to my new Discover account. I had to provide a SSA-89, Enhanced Verification Notarized form, Bank Statments, and 4506-T form. I have a student cash back card with them, but doing all of that was crazy. Is that normal?

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Re: Capitol One Upgrade

Congrats! Great job 👍👍

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Re: Capitol One Upgrade

Congratulations on your CLI and product upgrade offer! Yes, you should accept the PC to earn 1.5% cash back. Why would you not?


Yes, there has been reports Discover has been requesting 4506-T form. Is it normal for us; no. Is it normal for Discover; it appears to be.

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