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App Spree/ thoughts and suggestions

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Re: App Spree/ thoughts and suggestions

@TransferMony2IRAanitsgone wrote:

I thought about product changing my student card but i really card afford to lose an account with 5 years history. My AAoA is already average about 1.9 years. Lose that and Im suckin'.

Even if you close a card, it continues to report for ~ 10 years, it's calculated on all accounts, not just open ones.  


And, more importantly, the whole point of product changing is that it DOES keep the history, the new card replaces the old but the date etc is based on the old card.    The only reason for not doing this is to get a bonus for a new card, when you PC, you (usually) don't get the bonus associated with the new card.

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Re: App Spree/ thoughts and suggestions

Well then I'll definitely have to look into it. I mainly just use the card for little reoccurring payments(myFICO, netflix, etc.) so that it shows some usage but i would definitely like a better card in its place. So if it'll keep the history ill have to try and also pull that off. 

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