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Balance transfer payment posted twice?!


Balance transfer payment posted twice?!

Earlier this month I initiated a $1500 BT from Discover to Amex. It posted to my Amex balance within 2 days, leaving me with a remaining balance on my Amex card of approximately $700 which I planned to pay off before the 0% expired this month. 

A few days later I noticed my balance is approximately -$800 and I get another email "thanks for your payment." It shows the $1500 payment has posted again. Obviously an error so I called Amex right away. They insist 2 separate payments were made and ask if I'd like them to send me a refund for the 2nd one. I called Discover and they insist only 1 payment was sent and my balance with them just reflects the 1 BT and all

looks normal. 

What can I do? I assume it's an error either on the accounting side or someone's bank. I legit owe Amex $700ish and it won't let me make a payment because I have a credit. I also can't use the card or I'd be spending the credit that shouldn't be there. This will obviously be caught on the back end at some point. Should I call again and talk to a supervisor? I've heard Amex will shut down accounts for one returned payment and that's my fear if it gets clawed back on Discover's end. 

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