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Best Buy Credit Card

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Best Buy Credit Card

So I applied for the best buy credit card last week. After I submitted the application, I got a message saying I needed to call the Citi Fraud/Recon Department and verify some information. After they were able to verify my name, address and phone number, the rep told me I was approved. I then asked if this was for the Visa or Store Card. He asked me which one I wanted, so I chose the Visa (because why not). He then said my SL for the Visa would be $4,000. Fast forward to today (7/24), I receive an Adverse Notification/Approval email from Citi regarding my application. The application said that I was only approved for the Store Card. So I went and checked the application status by calling customer service, it also says Store Card. However, when I do it on the Best Buy website, it says I was approved for the "My Best Buy Visa ####" and the last 4 digits for the Visa are the same as the Store Card mentioned in the Adverse Notification/Approval email. 


I'm a little confused as to what version I have. But my guess is that the system automatically approved me for the store card version originally, like the adverse notifcation stated. But when I was told to call the recon/fraud department, they must have upgraded me to the Visa when I asked?


Has this happened to anyone else before? 


Re: Best Buy Credit Card

I've had my Best Buy credit card for a few years now.  When I applied I didn't get a fraud thing where I had to call it was an instant approval for the BB Visa.  Told me the starting limit and said I could use it right then.  I received the card it was just the store card.  Maybe that is a thing with them.  I have other citi cards that have higher limits and they are all Visa, Amex. 

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Re: Best Buy Credit Card

Everything was straight forward when I opened my BB Visa.


FWIW, there was someone else around here that was dealing with confusion regarding if they got the Visa or store Best Buy card.

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